Unguator Accessories

Unguator Jars are excellent for topical prescriptions; they can be used for mixing, storing and dispensing. Dispensing in the Unguator Jars minimizes cross contamination due to the push up bottom feature that allows you to distribute the topical preparation without ever touching the product. The Unguator Jars and accessories are ideal for cosmetics as well. The Unguator Jars come in many different sizes and colors, allowing our customers to customize their prescriptions or products.

 All Unguator® jars operate on the patented “piston-principle” design, which serves unique functions prior, during, and after the mixing process. The Unguator® system is unique in that all ingredients can be weighed into the mixing jar at the same time. The closed environment achieved in the container eliminates the problems of air intake and contamination associated with traditional preparations.

The jars serve simultaneously as:

•  Measuring Unit
•  Mixing Chamber
•  Storage Container
•  Dispensing Jar

Therefore, all materials and ingredients remain in the closed jar throughout the mixing process. The final product represents a consistent, superior blending result with:

•  Extended shelf life
•  Significant time, cost savings
•  Accurate, specific dispensing
•  Minimal clean-up

Unguator® jars are made from a durable polypropylene/polyethylene plastic and can be heated in a hot water bath or microwave oven.
  Standard Mixing Blades:

The standard mixing blades used with the Unguator technology are available in (7) seven different sizes for each corresponding jar volume.

Each blade is slightly larger in diameter than the equivalent jar size, which allows the standard blades to "sweep" the inner chamber wall, creating shear and promoting optimal amalgamation.

Further, the blades were designed with a sharp leading edge to both act as a grinding mechanism and ensure product homogeneity. The standard mixing blades achieve the finest results in all formulations.

The shaft of each blade is made of a titanium-hardened NIRO stainless steel (grade 1.4301) and the winged "S" blade is composed of durable Delrin® polyoxymethylene plastic.

Disposable Mixing Blades:

The disposable mixing blades were designed at the request of practicing pharmacists and laboratory personnel, who work frequently with sensitive preparations and suspensions. The disposable blades are recommended for formulations, where it is crucial to maintain the "closed" environment after the mixing process.

The disposable blades are made from an inert polymide plastic and attach (clockwise) directly to appropriate blade shaft. Once the preparation is completed, the operator simply disengages (counterclockwise) the disposable blade from the shaft, leaving the blade inside the jar.

Disposable mixing blades provide excellent mixing results with minimal clean-up.
   The UNGUATOR® Varionozzle 1, 2, 4 mm are inserted into the central opening of the lid. They reduce the opening of the UNGUATOR® jars from 9 mm to 1, 2 and 4mm.

The domed shape offers the smooth application of the product over the skin. This allows for accurate dispensing of all, high to low, viscosity preparations.

For differentiation in size, nozzles are colored as follows:

•  4mm - pink
•  2mm - yellow
•  1mm - blue

    (Attention: The 4mm opening fits standard syringes to fill precise dosages.)
       The spindle serves as dispensing aid for 300/390ml and 500/600ml jars. Important! The jars have the spindle attached to them and have to be removed by rotating to the right, prior to the mixing process.

    Prior to administering the finished preparation to the patient, the spindle needs to be inserted through the bottom of the jar by rotating to the left until the spindle has reached its locked position.

    (Attention: by rotation counter clockwise, the moveable bottom can be damaged by mistake – these jars can only serve as dispensing jar, but no longer as mixing jar)
      The AirDynamic® pump system consists of a pump ball and jar adapter that are connected by a hose.

    By pumping air pressure into the bottom of the 300, 500, 1000ml jars, the moveable bottom rises towards the top and allows the easy dispensing of the formulation from the jar. This also allows for the easy transfer of finished materials from one jar to other jars via the jar coupling.

    The large Unguator® Jars are particularly well suited as storage and transfer containers of semi-solid materials as problems with evaporation, oxidation, and contamination are largely avoided.

    The jars remain closed throughout the mixing process and the variable volume insert ensures that no air can enter the material during storage and dispensing.

    The UNGUATOR® applicators reduce the dispensed amount of low viscosity preparations and are used for precise dispensing of low-viscosity preparations.

    •  For ear and nose injections, the short applicator is obligatory
    •  For rectal and vaginal injections, the long applicator long is obligatory.
    •  The long applicator is also used as push-up aid of the 200ml jar


      The UNGUATOR® coupling connects larger and smaller jars to serve as transfer nozzle for hygienic dispensing from bulk preparations in the larger dosage containers.

    The coupling is connected at the center of the jar lid. For dispensing from 300, 500 and 1000ml jars, the spindle or AIR-Dynamic® system may be used.

    IMPORTANT! The finished product should be transferred shortly after the mixing process, since the product is often still warmer than room temperature and at a lower viscosity than after the cooling process.