Unguator BASIC

The BASIC machine offers quick and consistent preparations while maintaining quality and minimizing contamination. This unit allows the operator to simply, yet effectively, mix  topical compounds with the push of a button. Created from the highest quality parts, the  Unguator BASIC uses sturdy variable mixing motors that keep speed fluctuations minimized  and ensures consistent preparations every time.

 The Unguator BASIC model features:

  • Manual guided lift arm
  • User-friendly touch panel
  • Mixing speeds up to 2400 rpm
  •  USB port for software integrations
  •  Preset Mix Programs from 15ml – 500mL

All general mixing parameters are preset in the system, which allows the operator to concentrate more on raw materials and less on recipe specifics, leaving it up to the device to continually adjust the mixing settings. The Unguator BASIC also has a direct mix function that allows the operator to quickly set time and speed parameters. Whether making creams, gels, ointments, powders, suspensions, emulsions, or other formulations, the Unguator BASIC fully automates and documents the once cumbersome blending process. With the introduction of this model, laboratories and pharmacies are now able to prepare everything from the most intricate reaction mixing, at very slow speeds, to bulk manufacturing, up to 500ml. With a speed range starting as slow as 300 rpm and up to 2400 rpm, this model is not limited by low viscosities or other raw material properties. Fully compatible with all current Unguator products, the system quickly transforms any pharmacy into a fully capable compounding facility.

Unguator BASIC Technical Specs

Jar Size15mL to 500 mL
Manual Movement-Lift ArmYes
Auto Movement-Lift ArmN/A
Time SheetYes
Stiring Speed Range (rpm)300 to 2400
Function Test (IQ/OQ)Yes
#ID for Each MixYes
Weight (kg)10
Weight (lbs.)22.046
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)255x221x512
Dimensions LxWxH (in)10.04×8.7×20.16
10, 1 Zoll Touch-DisplayN/A
USB PortsN/A
Washable KeyboardN/A
Help MenuN/A
Mix Motor Power Use80W
Lift Motor Power UseN/A
Total Power Use80W
Power Supply US120V/60Hz
Warranty Period2 years