Unguator Accessories


Unguator jars are excellent for topical prescriptions; they can be used for mixing, storing, and dispensing.


New, improved, and easy-to-use, the .5ml ExactDose is perfect for all your metered dosing needs.


The spindle serves as dispensing aid for 300ml and 500ml jars.


With a variety of sizes, both standard and disposable mixing blades are both extremely durable and dependable, helping you achieve a consistent mix every time.


Particularly well suited for the larger jars, the AirDynamic system helps you transfer and dispense semi-solid materials while avoiding contamination.


The Unguator coupling connects larger and smaller jars to serve as a transfer nozzle for hygienic dispensing from bulk preparations in the larger dosage containers


These dispensing accessories come in three different sizes, and are great for smooth application of product over the skin.


The Unguator applicators reduce the dispensed amount of low viscosity preparations and are used for precise dispensing of those preparations.